How can a computer simulation help doctors to decide the right treatment for the patient?

Flight simulators are widely used to train and test pilots. These simulators are so efficient that one can get a commercial license just by training on simulators. We do something similar with drug treatment. We predict the effects of possible treatments for a patient by testing the treatments in the Cytocast Cell Simulator©.

In the next few years, molecular profiling of patients will be more and more common in the clinics. How can physicians use this new information to guide their treatment decisions?
Cytocast Cell Simulator© uses individual patient data and integrates this with our proprietary database to test the effect of drug combinations.

At this stage we are testing the Cytocast Cell Simulator© on various treatments of fibrosis. If you would like to test Cytocast Cell Simulator© get in touch with us and check our roadmap to personalized medicine.

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