Treat the patient not the statistics

Cytocast offers an educational and research tool for life and computational scientists to illustrate and understand complex biological processes and interventions.
Key insights:
Educational support:

Many universities are offering computational biology courses. In project-based courses, the scholars learn biological problems, computational analysis tools and algorithms with the help of case studies.
Cytocast Cell Simulator© can be used to study the formation of protein complexes in cells and illustrate how perturbations by drugs or diseases affect cellular health. Please contact us if interested to use our tools in such project-based courses.

Research support:

Proteomics studies can give an estimate how the abundance of proteins change upon perturbations by drugs or diseases. But the functional response of cells depends on the proper assembly and final abundance of protein complexes. Since proteins can be limiting the formation of complexes and multiple complexes can compete for a single protein, the abundances of protein complexes cannot be straightforwardly calculated from proteomics data. Cytocast Cell Simulator© can help your research by predicting the abundance changes in all protein complexes from your observations in changes of protein abundances. Get in touch if you would use our tools in your research!

Researchers using the Cytocast Cell Simulator tool:

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