The Cytocast vision is to change personalized medicine. Make it fully predictable by the most detailed model of a cell.

Cytocast started a long path from an early scientific idea to reach the goal of an automatized treatment suggestion system.

February 2023

Cytocast gains regulatory approval for informing treatment decisions in patients with Fibrosis

February 2022

Cytocast can simulate drugs acting on surface protein receptors

February 2021

Cytocast can simulate the transcriptional modification caused by drug administration.

January 2021

Drug development companies can use Cytocast Whole Cell Simulator to accelerate drug development.

February 2020

Covid-19 didn’t stop us! We fight to stop COVID: we use Cytocast to find treatments against lung fibrosis, which causes some of the complications for patients.

February 2019

A demo of Cytocast Whole Cell Simulator© is released

2020: Cytocast wins the ”Promising future for a Medical Professional ” award at the Health Ventures Lab of GE Healthcare

Cytocast is incorporated in Budapest

February 2018

Cytocast correctly predict the effects of Metformin treatment

February 2015

Cytocast proof of concept is published in Plos Computational Biology

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